It is said that translation is the art of reading experience, while interpretation refers to the art of life. In order to translate successfully any field, you must have a good understanding and experience performing the same subject. It is stressful for a person who has never worked with construction documents, and now he has to introduce a plan to the terms such as braces, beams, foundations, concrete, formwork, bedding, etc. 

Outstanding features of our Interpretation services

  • High-quality, reliable interpreting services at unbeatable prices
  • Professional and experienced interpreters
  • Full support of equipment management

With solution centers located around the globe and a strong network of translators, project management experts, and thousands of global freelancers, ExperTrans Global ensures the highest standard of interpretation quality with core values including ACCURACY, SPEED, and CONFIDENTIALITY.

How to find interpreters who are eligible for a successful negotiation?  The best solution is to contact an interpreter before seeing your customer, provide the documents and discuss with them about the objectives of the meeting.

For the benefit of the customer, ExperTrans Global provides customized packages for different needs. Pick up your phone to get a consultation and quotation from our friendly staff! We guarantee our price is the most competitive in the industry.