Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment is one of the industries that has the fastest growing rate. Because of it, the demand on communicating in the clients’ own language is also increasing. If your company can fulfill that need so your opportunities are endless. Therefore, it is necessary for your company to partner with a translation company that can meet urgent deadlines and work effectively with the latest technology. ExperTrans Media – a branch of ExperTrans Global – provide the language services including:

  • Subtitling (TV programs, commercials, videos, DVDs, and webcasts…)
  • Voiceovers
  • Dubbing
  • Transcription
  • Interpretation
  • Translation

Subtitling a feature film or localizing a video game requires not only accuracy, but also the ability to creatively adapt, paraphrase, and localize content for your target audience. A phrase that is funny in English may be offensive in another language. Translation is a skill that bonds individuals, organizations, and corporations through the sharing of information and ideas.

With more than 11 years of experiences, over 100 high-skilled workforces and a network of more than 3000 freelancers worldwide, ExperTrans Media is able to provide you high standard outcomes and turn your cultural barriers into revenue opportunities.

Fully cognizant of the high demand, ExperTrans Media selects not only experienced translators but also localization consultants who not only speak the language — but also were born to the culture. In addition, we also strictly choose native speakers those who have social experience, knowledge and understand deeply about the Media & Entertainment field.


How to work with us:

1. Send any inquiries to our email at

2. Our customer representative will contact you shortly within 1 hours and advise you the quotation and estimated timeline for your project.

3. One of our dedicated project managers starts your translation project after receiving your purchase order/contract confirmation or advance payment when necessary.

4. We will deliver the final translation to you by the promised deadline and make any revisions to your requirements after the delivery.

5. You make the payment to us via PayPal, MoneyBookers or Bank Transfer within the agreed timeframe.